Stop the relocation of our educations!

Oprettet den 25/11-2021

The Danish parliament wants to relocate 5% of RUCs educations and this can have big consequences for the study environment and the academic quality of our educations.

The Student Council at RUC is very much against this relocation because we believe it will damage our educations and our social environment here at RUC. According to the rectorates plan, RUC will move students out of Roskilde and create smaller branches of RUC where students will have to make their projects. This is a problem because RUC isn’t moving the research environment along with the students and the students therefore still would have their lectures at RUC, which means the students will have to travel across Zealand just to complete their education.

Furthermore, the rectorate wants the students to complete up to 45 ECTS points in these smaller branches, this means that if you are a master student all your projects except your master project could be outside of RUC.
We need your help to stand against this relocation. Quality in education and a strong academic, social, and physical study environment needs to be the top priority when RUCs future is decided, and the current plan does not succeed in this!

So please sign this petition if you also want to secure quality educations here at RUC.