Overdækning af Køge Afløb slamtankene / Coverage of Køge Afløb sludge tanks

Oprettet den 18/06-2021

Improve the life of thousands of people that live near Køge Afløb water treatment plant. By covering the sludge tanks, the air in the surroundings will be cleaner and instead of the foul smell coming from the plant, the air will be fresher. With it, the neighbors and visitors will enjoy more their gardens, beaches and they will live a healthier life.

Currently there are four big, uncovered tanks (approx. 30 m in diameter) that collect sewage water from about 100 000 houses.  With the wind, the smell can reach not just reach nearby, but hundreds of meters away. Neighbors in the area have lived for years accepting and learning to get used to the smell. With the current technological options there is no need to do that any longer and perhaps even more importantly, now we can also understand the high impact on human health for the people that live close to such establishment. The health impacts occur due to contaminated air in the surroundings, which leads to headaches, gastrointestinal, neurological and myoskeletal problems, morbidity, intestinal and respiratory illnesses, among others.

We make this attempt of collecting signatures in order to highlighting to the municipality that there is a need to protect the community and the public health. Furthermore, investing in this project is necessary not just for the health reasons just mentioned, but also to allow Køge Nord to blossom and become a more popular part of the city. 

Water treatment plant address: Revlen 2, 4600 Køge

1 km radius from the plant: approx 1160 houses.